Nonsense: Ultimate Hall Of Fame

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Why Swim When You Can Certainly Catch Trees

Better Eventually Quiet Than Steadily Short

Short Farmers Blame An Egg

A Happy Fool Changes Energy

Every Happy Fool Leaves Butter


Silver Exclusive Towels With Special Woolen Stool

Seven Million Litres Of Delicately Carved Tough Water


Too Celebrated To Jump, Claims Atheist Train

Liberal Child Devoured Dead Eggs

Too Political To Dance, Claims Infected Family

Should The Slippery Be Forced To Boil Unemployed Prisoners?

Fifteen Firemen Defiled Inside Nutjob

Should The Green Be Forced To Bite Wild Lungs?

Turds Too Thick To Whisper, According To Short Pencil

Shoes Too Astonishing To Die, According To Diseased Hand

Too Infected To Serve, Claims Miniature Cat

Two Million Bricks Attacked Beyong Milkman

Should The Anorexic Be Forced To Fight Silent Spiders

Slippery Hurricane Destroyed At Hilarious Wax Madman Attack

Too Purple To Try, Says Political Hole

Policeman Insisted Boy Ignore Milk

Should The Ancient Be Made To Poison Dead Buildings?

Two Million Workmen Dented Over Victim

Seventeen Years For Short Dangerous Pineapple Beast

Prejudiced Murderer Damaged In Dangerous Glue Library Incident

Surreal Joke

Shiny Mice Can't Tremble Because Of All The Spiders!

Band Name

Samson The Disease Featuring Mary The Lovely Festival

Pathetic Peace System Plus Brian


Fifty Mature Ways To Push Clay

A Repulsive Moment You Miss

You Grow, I Desire New Reasons

Eight Repulsive Ways To Need Traffic

Any Likeable Poison Of Boxes

Thirty Happy Ways To Drown Chaos


The Inspecting: An Excellent Tale From The Terrible Toe Crypt

Mickey Told Me Terrible Faces Didn't Play

The Six Hundred Victims I Imagined While Reading

Attack On An Excellent Wizard Typewriter, A Mrs Powder Mystery

The Modern Castle Encyclopedia Of Trivial Fields

Real Life Story

Ghost Spider Crashed My Diseased Carrots

Demon Jacket Spoiled My Provocative Lawnmowers

A Million Debts Sleep In My Coat

My Haunted Floor Looks Like Egyptian Salt

Married Thirty Eight Times By My Own Silent Television

I Was Programmed By A Dead Lavatory Cupboard

Crashed Twelve Times By My Own Sad Penguin

I Can't Pray Because Of My Racist Ringing Giraffes

Packaged Skinny As My Bees Reinforced Cheese

My Broken Hairpiece Looks Like Magnificent Soup

TV Show

Talented Chair: The Ralph Effluent Story

The World's Four Thousand Least Colourful Shark Pillows


Steve Goes Fabulous With Ninety Aliens

Insane Lace: Slapping Funny Abe


Four Thousand Delicious Vegetables Carefully Scream

Karen Annoyed Four And A Half Tiny Vegetables

Rita Creatively Lifted An Idiotic Jellyfish

Jack Hurt Buildings But Jilted Bread

Show Extreme - ADULTS ONLY +


Your Breasts Are Made Of Diseased Shitbag Whisky

You Make Pure Johnny Look Like A Tasty Pencil

People Think Your Ballbag Is A Disgusting Psychotic Clitoris

Take Your Golden Arse And Clean Yourself In The Pissflaps

Your Daughter Collects Gigntic Frozen Dicks

People Think Your Sister Is A Rabid Wild Shitbag

Your Balls Are Made Of Fertile Anus Guts

People Think Your Ballbag Is A Rough Flippant Weirdo

Your Bollocks Are Made Of Popular Arsehole Cocaine

You Make Difficult Graham Look Like A Gigantic Penis

Take Your Erect Tissue And Taste Yourself In The Girls

Your Eyes Are Made Of Elaborate Fucker Heroin

Take Your Dangerous Twat And Stroke Yourself In The Eyeballs

I Wouldn't Wank Your Anus If My Monkeys Were Ugly

Take Your Ample Cake And Slap Yourself In The Tits

Your Cherries Are Made Of Crispy Twat Shit

You Make Fertile Jemima Look Like A Purple Muff

Your Cannibals Are Made Of Sweet Fanny Fur

If You Wank Me One More Time I'll Abuse You With A Pink Fucker

People Think Your Lady Is A Crispy Erect Wart

Put Some Vomit On Your Dicks, They Look Like Six Sweet Puppies

My Tosser Hates Faster Than Your Shiny Botty

You Make Demented Phil Look Like A Rabid Crack

Put Some Beef On Your Balls, They Look Like Six Strong Knives

Get Fixed, You Sweaty Elaborate Vicar Skank

Your Eyes Are Made Of Holy Bum Skin

Classified Ad

Enormous Plastering Husband Available To Bite Spiders

Seventy Two Dirty Fucker Shaped Sailors

Sticky Smacking Woman AvailableTo Bend Legs

Sick Plastering Shitbag Available To Amputate Dicks

Sadistic Tingling Masochist Available To Suck Shoulders

Soft Watching Scrotum Worms For Hire

Seven Hundred Slices Of Slippery Spicy Fucker Bullshit

Twenty Boxes Of Dangerous Bad Vagina Excrement

Fucking Moaning Pervert Available To Feel Guns

Holy Spider Carpets Plus Bespoke Short Woman

Green Crumbling Cunt Available To Boil Lawnmowers

Twelve And A Half Shiny Cripple Shaped Eyes

Shitfaced Juggling Tosser Available To Bury Tractors

Holy Melting Squirrel Available To Shag Bras

Hideous Fucker Pencils And Customised Flexible Wart

Lumpy Muff Legs With Customised Aggressive Beard

Crotch Packed With Twelve And A Half Sadistic Kicking Dogs


Arsehole Insisted Lunatic Burn Coffee

Should The Teenage Be Made To Wash Angry Bastards?

Toys Can't Melt Chocolates, Says Dickhead

Shiny Fanny Damaged In Nasty Oil Squirrel Incident

Young Fucker Damaged In Lumpy Shit Brain Attack

Turd Claims Tongue Was Baked Inside Father

Rats Can't Suck Tits, Claims Ponce

Hot Scrotum Damaged In Lumpy Custard Hairpiece Incident

Should The Small Be Made To Shag Mad Spiders?

Hairy Git Hurt In Invisible Shit Snake Attack

Tonsils Should Bend Legs, Claims Muff

Anorexic Beard Destroyed At Aggressive Beef Crack Attack

Weird Joke

What Fucks Crap? A Silent Cake!

What Does A Clean Twat Fuck? Cheese!

Porn Act

Shitty Timmy: The Heroin Melting Whore

Simpson The Desirable Coffee Git

Holy Rita, The Alcohol Jumping Nutjob

Broken Cheese Ass And Abe

Haunted Jism Daughter Plus Cynthia

Connolly And Melvin: The Young Crumbling Veins

Taylor And Linda: The Anorexic Humping Mutants

Fertile Pissflaps Get Totally Upsetting Inside A Sadist


Lex Keeps Kicking My Dirty Pricks

Jemima Max Can't Stop Grabbing Shitfaced Bollocks

Samuel Tickled My Minge, Confesses Janine

Twisted Twat Frank Horrifies Three Tomatoes At A Time

Sexy Venus Doesn't Reject Peanuts, According To Swine

Fifty Three More Lungs Before I Fall Says Elaborate Patrick

Six Dozen More Worms Before I Fart Says Horrible Amber

Flexible Connolly Doesn't Drag Lungs, According To Brick

Sexy Magazine

Crazy Lungs Being Pinched Inside A Bag

Rough Onions Humping Diseased Kittens

Carrots And Bastards Being Defiled Below Bones

Real Life Story

I Can't Speak Because Of My Angry Kicking Tits

Upsetting Unlce Melted My Anus

I Saw One Hundred And Fifty Buttocks In My Bum Penis

I Saw Five Thousand Vegetables Behind My Bum Bellend

Puppies Love To Scratch My Attractive Tampons

Poked Sixty Seven Times By My Own Dirty Wart

My Psychotic Girlfriend Looks Like Pure Shit

Diseased Doctor Constructed My Vagina

My Attractive Cockroach Is Made Of Nasty Paste

Grandmother Strengthened Me Up The Shitfaced Woman

Nipples Love To Pinch My Angry Balls

I Can't Sleep Because Of My Elderly Celebrating Crayons

Ninety Six Idiots Spit In My Fish

My Violent Clitoris Is Made Of Happy Diarrhoea

My Inebriated Squirrel Is Made Of Fucking Poop

Madman Felt Me Up The Nervous Fuckwit

I Saw Eleven And A Half Gonads Behind My Alcoholic Squirrel

Fifty People Like To Marry My Racist Baby

Four Dozen Boobs Piss In My Vicar

My Soft Fuckwit Is Made Of Safe Urine

Porn Film

Rita Shitbag, The Ignorant Tolerating Snake

Pure Peter, Cruel Peggy And Frank Get Important

Sex Act

Hole Destroying, Sexy Blake Style

Brick Tingling Above The Ass


Quickly Wank This Arsewipe And Reject Stones

Stewart Smothered Seven Million Crusty Buttocks

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